Welcome to the Doyle group.

The Doyle group is a collaborative, supportive, multidisciplinary research team working on fundamental and applied topics in soft matter. We value rigorous, creative problem solving and independent critical thinking for both translational and fundamental research. Our group has open discussions on both successes and failures so that we can learn from each other’s experiences and build on each other’s knowledge. We strive to create a positive and welcoming environment for everyone in the group, and we care about lab safety and the mental and physical well-being of students and postdocs. We openly share our experiences at lively meetings over food and boba.

Our research focuses on fundamental and applied topics in soft matter. Much of our research is in the realms of micro/nanofluidic technologies, DNA biophysics, biosensing and rheology. A burgeoning interest is the use of microfludics to synthesize microparticles for both fundamental colloidal studies and applications, such as multiplexed sensing, biomimetic systems and catalysis. We utilize both experimental and computational approaches in our research in order to understand fundamental issues in a wide variety of applications ranging from lab-on-chip separations to polymer rheology to reservoir engineering.  

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