Liang-Hsun Chen, Graduate Student. (2022)

Arif Nelson, Singapore-based Postdoctoral Associate. (2021)

Dana Al-Sulaiman, Postdoctoral Associate. (2020)

Jeremy Schieferstein, Postdoctoral Associate. (2020)

George Kapellos, Postdoctoral Associate. (2020)

Denise Ng Zi Ling, Postdoctoral Associate. (2020)

Rajesh Kumar, Visiting researcher  (2018);  Singapore-based PhD Student  (2018);  Visiting Research Fellow  (2021)

Nitesh Mittal, Postdoctoral Associate. (2020)

Meghali Bora, Postdoctoral Associate. (2020)

Myat Noe Hsu, Postdoctoral Associate. (2020)

Binu Kundukad, Postdoctoral Associate. (2020)

Li-Chiun Cheng, Graduate Student. (2020)

Max Nagarajan, Graduate Student. (2020)

Beatrice Soh, Graduate Student. (2020)

Ahmed Khorshid, Postdoctoral Associate. (2020)

Yuan Tian, M.S.CEP. (2019)

Sarah Shapiro, Ph.D. (2019) -- Scientist at Mammoth Biosciences

Alex Klotz, Postdoctoral Associate. (2019) -- Assistant Professor at California State University, Long Beach

Trystan Domenech, Postdoctoral Associate. (2019)

S. Meysam Hashemnejad, Postdoctoral Associate. (2019)

Liang Dai, Singapore-Based Postdoctoral Associate. (2018) -- Assistant Professor at City University of Hong Kong

Augusto Tentori, Postdoctoral Associate. (2018) -- Research Engineer at 10x Genomics

Signe Lin Kuei Vehusheia, Visiting Student. (2018) -- Graduate Student

Pravien Parthiban, Postdoctoral Associate. (2018)

Lynna Chen, Ph.D. (2018) -- Research Engineer at 10x Genomics

Abu Zayed Md Badruddoza, Postdoctoral Associate (2018)

Ankur Gupta, Ph.D. (2017) -- Postdoctoral associate at Princeton University

Jae Jung Kim, Ph.D. (2017) -- Postdoctoral associate at Massachusetts General Hospital

Hyundo Lee, Ph.D. (2017) -- Consultant at Bain & Company

Vivek Narsimhan, Postdoctoral Associate (2017) -- Assistant Professor at Purdue University

Doug Godfrin, Postdoctoral Associate (2017)

Ramchander Chepyala, Postdoctoral Associate (2017) -- Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

Xinghua Zhang, Postdoctoral Associate (2017)

Ji Hyun Lee, Undergraduate Researcher (2017)

Jeremy Jones, PhD candidate

Junyong Park, Postdoctoral Associate (2016)

Lilian Hsiao, Postdoctoral Associate (2016) -- Assistant Professor at NC State

Seung Goo Lee, Postdoctoral Associate (2016)

Benjamin Renner, Ph.D. (2015) -- Scientist at LiquiGlide

Gaelle Le Goff, Postdoctoral Associate (2015) 

Hyewon Lee, Postdoctoral Associate (2015) 

Alona Birjiniuk, Ph.D. (2015) -- MD student at Harvard

Rathi Srinivas, Ph.D. (2015) -- Co-founder of Novopyxis

Harry An, Ph.D. (2014) -- Scientist at SQZ Biotech

H. Burak EralPostdoctoral Associate (2014) -- Assistant Professor at Delft University of Technology

Andrew Tsavaris, Graduate Student (2014)-- Engineer at Aspen Technology

Eric Safai, Undergraduate Student (2014)

Jiseok LeePostdoctoral Associate (2014)

Yuting SunPostdoctoral Associate (2014)

Ning DuPostdoctoral Associate (2014)

Will UspalPh.D. (2013) -- Postdoctoral associate at Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems

Siwon ChoiGraduate Student Researcher (2013) -- Graduate student at MIT

Charles MitchellGraduate Student Researcher (2012)

Jungwook KimPostdoctoral Associate (2012)

Yun Soo KimVisiting Graduate Student (2012) -- Graduate student at University of Delaware

Stephen ChapinPh.D. (2012) -- ClearView Healthcare Partners

Ki Wan BongPh.D. (2012) -- Postdoctoral associate at Harvard/MGH

Shannon MoranUndergraduate Researcher (2012)

Matt HelgesonPostdoctoral Associate (2012) -- Assistant Professor at UCSB

Su Kyung SuhPh.D. (2011)

Nakwon ChoiPostdoctoral Associate (2011) -- Senior Research Scientist at Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST)

Jason RichPh.D. (2011) -- Pepsico

Priyadarshi PandaPh.D. (2011) -- Intel

Foram ThakkarPostdoctoral Associate (2010)

Jing TangPh.D. (2010)-- Nabsys

Nils Danckwardtvisiting Ph.D. student (2010)

Daniel TrahanPh.D. (2010) --Modeling Group at Dow Chemical

Peiwen CongVisiting Graduate Student (2010)

Isabelle AdrianssensVisiting Graduate Student (2010)

David AppleyardPostdoctoral Associate (2010)

Dan Pregibon Ph.D. (2008) -- Co-founder and President at Firefly Bioworks

Ramin HaghgooiePh.D. (2006) -- Director of Engineering at Center for Technology Development at Massachusetts General Hospital

Kai YuetUndergraduate Researcher (2009) -- Caltech

Dae Kun HwangPostdoctoral Associate (2009) - Assistant Professor at Ryerson University

Michelle AquingUndergraduate Researcher (2009) - Currently at IFP

Jennifer ChaoUndergraduate Researcher (2008)

Anthony BalducciPh.D. (2008) - Currently at Instrumentation Laboratories

Chih-Chen HsiehPostdoctoral Associate (2008) - Associate Professor at National Taiwan University

Yuhua HuPh.D. (2008) - Postdoctoral associate at Stanford

Shelley Gu, Undergraduate Researcher (2007)

Chen Li, Undergraduate Researcher (2007)

Aruna MohanPh.D. (2007) - ExxonMobil Upstream Research

Dhananjaya DendukuriPh.D. (2007) - Currently at Connexios

Ju Min KimPostdoctoral Associate (2005-2007) - Professor at Ajou University, South Korea

Thierry SavinPh.D. (2006) - University Lecturer (i.e., Assistant Professor) in Bioengineering at University of Cambridge

Patrick UnderhillPh.D. (2006) - Associate Professor at RPI

Greg RandallPh.D. (2006) - Postdoctoral associate at UNC Chapel Hill

Anton De Winter, Undergraduate Researcher (2006)

Jesse Collins, Undergraduate Researcher (2005)

Kelly Schultz, Undergraduate Researcher (2005)

Jesse Lee, Undergraduate Researcher (2005)

Malancha GuptaM.S. (2004) -- Associate Professor at USC

Jamie Karcesky, Undergraduate Researcher (2004)

Kim Tsoi, Senior Thesis (B.S. University of Toronto) (2004)

Fabio Longo, Undergraduate Researcher (2003)